Larry, The Big-Time Broadway Producer

    Larry, The Big-Time Broadway Producer
    29 Apr 07:00 PM
    Until 29 Apr, 11:00 PM 4h

    Larry, The Big-Time Broadway Producer

    place Union County Performing Arts Center (UCPAC) 1601 Irving Street Rahway, NJ 07065 expand_more
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    Free Monday Night Play Reading Series presented by American Theater Group

    Larry Greenstein is a dreamer with a heart as big as Broadway itself. As a young Bostonian with a burning passion for the theater, he's determined to make his mark on the Great White Way, one investment at a time. And when he stumbles upon the Free Monday Night Play Reading Series presented by American Theater Group, he sees an opportunity to fulfill his theatrical aspirations in a way he never imagined.

    It's at one of these backers' auditions that Larry's life takes an unexpected turn. As he sits in the audience, captivated by the talent on stage, his eyes land on a mesmerizing actress who steals not only the show but also his heart. Enthralled by her performance and intoxicated by the allure of the theater, Larry finds himself making a spontaneous and daring pledge: $10,000 to back the very production that has ignited his passion.

    There's just one problem – Larry doesn't have $10,000 to spare. But when has that ever stopped a true Broadway enthusiast? Determined to make his pledge a reality, Larry embarks on a whirlwind journey to secure the funds, tapping into his resourcefulness, ingenuity, and the unwavering support of his friends and allies along the way.

    Written by celebrated author and Broadway insider Peter Filichia, this heartwarming tale of love, dreams, and the power of the theater unlocks the dreamer in all of us. Through Larry's journey, audiences are reminded of the transformative magic of the stage and the boundless possibilities that come with following one's heart.

    As Larry navigates the highs and lows of his Broadway adventure, he discovers that sometimes the greatest investments we make are not in dollars and cents but in the pursuit of our passions and the connections we forge along the way. And in the end, it's not just about funding a play – it's about discovering the true meaning of love, friendship, and the unbreakable spirit of the theater.

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