Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Shake The Sheets 20th Anniversary with Ekko Astral

    Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Shake The Sheets 20th Anniversary with Ekko Astral
    19 Jun 07:00 PM
    Until 19 Jun, 11:00 PM 4h

    Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Shake The Sheets 20th Anniversary with Ekko Astral

    place The Stone Pony 913 Ocean Ave N, Asbury Park, NJ 07712 expand_more
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    Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are set to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their acclaimed album "Shake The Sheets" with a special performance joined by Ekko Astral.

    Formed in 1999, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists have been a prominent figure in the indie rock and punk scenes. "Shake The Sheets," released in 2004, marked a pivotal moment in their career, showcasing their energetic blend of punk rock, power pop, and indie influences. The album features anthemic tracks like "Me and Mia," "The Angels' Share," and the titular "Shake The Sheets," which have become fan favorites over the years.

    For this milestone anniversary celebration, fans can expect a thrilling live experience as Ted Leo and the Pharmacists revisit the beloved tracks from "Shake The Sheets" and deliver a high-octane performance that captures the spirit of the album's release. Joined by Ekko Astral, the evening promises to be a celebration of enduring music and the vibrant spirit of indie rock.

    This event offers fans the opportunity to relive the excitement of "Shake The Sheets" and experience the infectious energy of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists live in concert.

    Ted Leo is a unique artist for these times. He provides a near perfect combination of politics, art, punk values and humor in his songwriting and the combination is resonating with people all over the world. Having toiled for years in the punk underground with both his former band Chisel and his solo effort Ted Leo/Pharmacists, 2004 is definitely the year Ted Leo is primed to break out into the mainstream.

    In February 2003, Lookout Records released the critically acclaimed “Hearts Of Oak,” a gem of a record that received accolades from Spin, Rolling Stone, Magnet, the New York Times, MTV. Touring and promotion in support of “Hearts” was massive and included 5 US tours, a run in Japan and the UK and an appearance on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien.” A brief respite from touring was required mid-way through his second US run, when his vocal chords became enflamed due to the rigorous schedule of radio station visits, in store performances and nightly gigs. Ted began a new regimen of vocal warm ups, fewer shows in a row and a dram less Irish Whisky and found his voice to be stronger than ever.

    In early 2004, in between some short tours, Ted began to write his fourth solo album. Motivated to keep pushing himself as a songwriter, performer and cultural critic, he shut himself in the basement of his childhood home in New Jersey and began to write. The songs that resulted in “Shake The Sheets” are fresh, smart, and passionate. Producer Chris Shaw proved to be the perfect partner for Ted and his sonic vision for the album. Well known for his work in producing the last 2 Bob Dylan albums, Shaw has also worked on many other diverse projects, from Dashboard Confessional, to Bell Biv De Voe to the classic Public Enemy album, “It Takes a Nation Of Millions to Hold Us Back.”

    Ted Leo is an artist who is well poised for a career with no limits. He will continue to write pop rock gems and work hard on the road to connect with his fans who continue to grow with him as he connects with more and more people. Do not be surprised if in 25 years you are dusting off your album jackets and along with Joe Jackson, Nick Lowe, Paul Weller you throw on Ted Leo to change your mood for the day.


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