Fostina Dixon & Winds of Change

    Fostina Dixon & Winds of Change
    12 Jun 07:00 PM
    Until 12 Jun, 10:30 PM 3h 30m

    Fostina Dixon & Winds of Change

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    Organized by arrow_forward_ios The Camden County Board of Commissioners

    Enjoy an Evening of Jazz with Fostina Dixon & Winds of Change at Peter Volpa Memorial Park

    Experience the magic of live jazz under the stars as Winslow Township presents an unforgettable performance by Fostina Dixon & Winds of Change. Set against the scenic backdrop of Peter Volpa Memorial Park, this event promises an evening of soulful melodies and captivating rhythms on June 22nd, starting at 7 p.m.

    About Fostina Dixon & Winds of Change

    Fostina Dixon is not only a talented jazz saxophonist but also a multi-instrumentalist who has captivated audiences worldwide with her dynamic performances. With a career spanning over several decades, Dixon has established herself as a leading figure in the contemporary jazz scene, blending elements of traditional jazz, funk, and soul to create her unique sound.

    Accompanied by her ensemble, Winds of Change, Dixon delivers a mesmerizing musical experience that transcends boundaries and leaves audiences spellbound. Comprising accomplished musicians, Winds of Change complements Dixon's saxophone prowess with expertly crafted arrangements and improvisations, resulting in a seamless fusion of talent and creativity.

    An Evening of Musical Excellence

    As the sun sets over Peter Volpa Memorial Park, prepare to be serenaded by Dixon and her ensemble as they take you on a journey through the rich tapestry of jazz music. From soulful ballads to upbeat grooves, their performance promises to delight jazz enthusiasts and casual listeners alike, offering something for everyone to enjoy.

    Join Us Under the Stars

    Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the sounds of jazz and experience the magic of live music in a beautiful outdoor setting. Whether you're a longtime fan of jazz or simply looking for a memorable evening out, Fostina Dixon & Winds of Change are sure to leave you inspired and uplifted.

    Mark your calendars for June 22nd and join us at Peter Volpa Memorial Park for an enchanting evening of jazz with Fostina Dixon & Winds of Change. Admission is free, so grab your lawn chairs, pack a picnic, and prepare to be transported by the soothing sounds of saxophone and soulful melodies. See you there!


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