gunhunt 1 PC High-Strength Pull Ring, Light Metal



Price: $18.99
(as of Sep 27,2023 14:52:33 UTC – Details)

gunhunt 1 PC High-strength Pull Ring, Light Metal Pull-resistant Portable Front Rear Tow Hitch, Personalized Creative Car Universal Tow Hooks, Product Compatible with Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs (Red)
Strength and Durability: Although the hooks are relatively lightweight, they still have plenty of strength and durability. The material is not prone to rust and is able to withstand a certain degree of tension and impact.
Double Nut Fixation: The double nut structure is adopted, that is, two nuts are used for fixing at the connection of the hook. This design can provide a more stable and reliable fixing effect and ensure a firm connection between the hook and the vehicle.
Decorative: Trailer hitches usually have a good appearance. Can be surface treated to increase the durability of the hook and give it a better look. This contributes to the overall aesthetics of the vehicle.
Easy Installation: Front and rear trailer hitches are easier to install than traditional steel hitches. Due to its lightweight features and suitable design, installers can install and adjust the hook more quickly and easily.