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ORI BOY Refrigerator Magnets are all Made in the USA.
We offer hundreds of images on Magnets; Travel Magnets from all over the world including USA, Italy, England, Canada, Africa, South America, Vacation Islands and National Parks.
We have Religious Magnets like the Pope, different places of worship, famous Statues and landmarks.
Movie and Entertainment Magnets from classic TV Shows and movies, Actors and Actresses to Singers.
Art Magnets of famous paintings from history. Museum paintings presented to you on a 2″ x 3″ magnet.
Animal magnet from Land, Sea and Air, we hope you enjoy our Bald Eagle, Wild Horses, Penguins and more.
Political magnets of past and present. Presidents, Generals, Famous People that have changed our lives from History.
Sports Stars like Babe Ruth along with fridge magnets of Ball Parks and Stadiums.
Sayings, Humor, and more, some funny and other quotes that we remember all on magnets.
Our magnets make a great collectible, look great on any locker or fridge.
Have you every traveled somewhere and you forgot to buy a gift or remembrance. Our magnets are the same fridge magnets found in hotel gift shops, museums, airport shops, beach stores all over the world.
So shop here and save time by buying them all in one place.
We have thousands of images available covering as many topics as possible.
Custom Magnets are also to order in Portrait or Landscape style in our Store. Create your custom magnet using our image upload and customize options.

Our Refrigerator Magnets are Made in the USA and have been for over 30 years. We have sold millions of refrigerator magnets to Gift Shops, Museum Shops, Airport Gift Stores, Greeting Card Stores, Church Gift Shops, Beach Shops and now direct to you.
How ORI BOY magnets are made, we wrap a Beautiful Image over a Metal Shell and then add a Full Size .60 mil Magnet Back for the strongest hold.
ORI BOY Travel Magnets, Art Magnets, Sport Magnets, Religious Magnets, Entertainment Fridge Magnets are perfect for your Locker, Office, or Refrigerator Door. So, buy one for yourself to remember a recent trip or event, or give a fridge magnet as a gift for others to enjoy.
We hope you enjoy our Magnet, Refrigerator Magnet. It makes for a great travel souvenir or gift.