2000-Count Numbered Blue Star Raffle Tickets, Single



Price: $13.99
(as of Sep 28,2023 01:41:27 UTC – Details)

This roll contains 2000 Bristol-style ticket stubs, each meticulously consecutively numbered to simplify organization and tracking. These tickets are printed on high-quality paper stock and boast a professional and polished appearance. Notches and perforations between each ticket enable effortless separation, ensuring a smooth and efficient ticketing process. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually tearing tickets, as these perforations make distribution seamless and hassle-free. These star raffle tickets are versatile and suitable for various events and occasions. Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser, school event, carnival, banquet, or any gathering that requires ticketing, these tickets are the perfect choice. Their professional design and attractive star illustration lend an appealing touch to your event, capturing attention and adding a touch of excitement. With 2000 tickets in a single roll, you’ll have an ample supply to meet the demands of your event. This bulk quantity allows for smooth operations and ensures you’re well-prepared to handle any crowd size. Experience our star raffle ticket roll’s convenience, professionalism, and versatility.
Classic Bristol Style: Our promotional carnival tickets are printed on high-quality colored paper stock; these tickets are adorned with charming star illustrations, adding a touch of visual appeal
Convenient Tear-Off Design: Our raffle tickets single roll is thoughtfully designed with notches and perforations between individual tickets, ensuring effortless tearing and seamless distribution
Ideal Size: Our raffle tickets star patterns are perfectly proportioned, measuring 2 inches in length and 1 inch in width ensuring a fun and engaging experience across various occasions and settings
Versatile Applications: You will receive a 2000-pack star tickets that serve various purposes; perfect for fundraisers, classroom events, carnival games, arcades, prize drawings, and party supplies