New Jersey Tax lien Investing



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New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the country. This is fantastic news for investors. You may profit by paying other people’s property taxes. Tax liens offer a low risk, high reward investment opportunity. Municipal tax liens accrue interest at up to 18% in the State of New Jersey. Lien investors often earn triple digit returns on an annualized basis. The property’s value offers you investment security as a priority lien. There is an opportunity to gain ownership of a property at a modest cost, often less than a down payment on a home or even a new car.
This book describes investing in tax lien certificates in the State of New Jersey. Details matter. It has laser sharp focus on New Jersey’s specific tax lien laws. The book author, who writes from the perspective and experience of both a buyer and seller of tax liens, covers all major topics. Both new and experienced lien investors will learn from reading this book.
The State’s top tax lien legal counsel writes a chapter on foreclosure on tax liens. New Jersey Tax Lien Investing dispels much advice and offers extensive evidence-based research.
New Jersey Tax Lien Investing documents actual lien investment performance within the State of New Jersey. It examines over a half million tax lien certificate sales and over 6 million lien transactions. After reading this book, you will come away with useful advice and sensible expectations of lien investing in New Jersey. You will learn from the collective experience of thousands of lien investors.
The book author, Peter O’Reilly, is the Chief Financial Officer for the Township of Lakewood, New Jersey. Peter is a licensed Certified Tax Collector in the State of New Jersey. His municipality is one of 564 other New Jersey municipalities that sell lucrative tax lien certificates. He has a M.B.A. degree in Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science. Peter started investing as a teenager. He has an array of investment experience, including stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, and derivatives. He believes tax lien investing is an excellent way to diversity one’s portfolio.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Tax Sale Law
Chapter 3 – Tax Lien Certificate
Chapter 4 – Delinquent Properties
Chapter 5 – Investment Appeal
Chapter 6 – Research
Chapter 7 – The Annual Tax Sale
Chapter 8 – Certificate of Sale
Chapter 9 – Redemption
Chapter 10 – Assignment
Chapter 11 – Foreclosure
Chapter 12 – Evidence-Based Research
Chapter 13 – Ethics