New Jersey’s BEST Thanksgiving Sandwich is Back in Asbury

It is less than a month away, Thanksgiving, and if you are a fan of turkey there is a must-try sandwich that everyone raves about. According to an NJ.Com article, it is the “ultimate” Thanksgiving sandwich. This fantastic autumn delicacy is made exclusively at the Speakeatery in Asbury Park. So if you want to try this Thanksgiving treat you will need to head to Monmouth County to give it a try. Jojo Yuen (sharemyfoodd) Jojo Yuen (sharemyfoodd)




For the record, I want to say that one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is the day after turkey sandwich! It’s the leftover sandwich I enjoy every year. I do not think I am alone when it comes to the “Thanksgiving leftover sandwich”. I think lots of folks enjoy the Black Friday lunch. Claudio Schwarz Claudio Schwarz


In the NJ.Com article, they talked about the Speakeatery sandwich called “The Turk Diggler”, named after Dirk Diggler from Boogie Nights. “The mammoth sammich features smoked turkey with bacon gravy, garlic mashed potatoes and cranberry aioli. Sounds decadent enough, right? The bread is what takes this sandwich to the next level. There is no bread. The Turk Digger’s filling is placed on homemade stuffing patties.” Ok I am very intrigued! Stuffing patty bread! I want this lol. Not to mention bacon gravy and garlic mashed potatoes! Now I will need to drive over to Asbury Park to pick up.


The Speakeatery via Instagram


Take a look at that turkey sandwich, definitely need to stop by and pick up a few. Have you had the Turk Diggler? Give us your review and post your comments below. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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