Marty Flynn-Politics at its worst…. Lies at its best

After reading Hamilton Republican Mayoral candidate Marty “Flip-Flop” Flynn’s latest “Guest Op-Ed” we could no longer sit in silence as he distorts the truth to his delusion of reality!

While Flynn is quick to criticize the current administration for what he deemed as taking too long to fix the Wilson Ave cleanup, which had to be authorized by the courts and the law of the land needed to be followed before action could be taken, he fails to represent his own inaction in more than 8 years with his double dipping taxpayer-funded positions with Hamilton Township!

Marty “Flip-Flop” Flynn makes no mention of his previous tenure as Director of Health and Recreation, Director of Economic Development or Chief of Staff to former Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede, he only references his time as an Athletic Director and Teacher.

It’s no wonder…with a record like his in municipal government, we certainly can understand why he makes no mention of this in hopes that you forgot how Hamilton spent 18 months on the front covers of newspapers and was the embarrassment of all of New Jersey while he collected a six-figure taxpayer-funded salary working for Yaede after he retired as a teacher and was collecting his pension.

Let us revisit history!  When “Flip-Flop Flynn” served as Director of Health and Recreation for Hamilton Township, he turned a blind eye as hundreds of animals were senselessly euthanized eventually leading to the conviction of two township officials for animal cruelty. 

When he was appointed Economic Development Director a news story ran in a local paper chastising Yaede’s decisions to elevate Flynn due to his “lack of qualifications and credentials”.

What were his accomplishments as Economic Development Director?  He oversaw the largest expansion in square footage of warehouses in Hamilton’s history even going so far to say “most of the demand in Hamilton and other municipalities is for warehouse space. The market is dictating warehousing,” Flynn said in early November 2019. 

Can anyone ever forget the daily embarrassment of front-page news stories under the former Yaede administration from criminal charges to nepotism and rampant corruption as “Flip-Flop Flynn” played the role of loyal foot soldier for the Yaede Administration as Chief of Staff just to collect a fat paycheck?

Where was this holier-than-thou art figure then?  He was much more than silent; he was complicit in the lunacy.

He wasn’t qualified to serve then, and he is certainly not qualified to serve as Mayor now.

For those reasons we could no longer sit by in silence!  The taxpayers of Hamilton deserve the truth, not the lies being told by Marty Flynn in this campaign.

— Respectfully For a Better Hamilton, Vincent “Vinnie” Capodanno – Former Hamilton Councilman, David Henderson – Former Republican Mayoral Candidate

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