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Сountry house for monthly rent in Badeevo, Chekhov, Moscow Oblast

$ 1500 per month
total square: 150 m2
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This apartment will inspire you for new achievements. There is a separate living room, where you can comfortab...
$ 40 per hour
berths: 2+1
total square: 58 m2
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Within 7 minutes walk from Arbatskaya metro station

$ 25 per hour
berths: 1+1
total square: 36 m2
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In this spacious and comfortable apartment you can enjoy the views of the capital of our country, and relax af...
$ 185000 Sale
berths: 2+2+1
total square: 80 m2
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The Sunset Los Angeles is located in the heart of West Hollywood. This hotel is located in a leafy alley lined...
Price on asking
The neighborhood "Sportivny" is a modern complex building, within the framework of which the construction of v...
Price on asking
$ 44122 Sale
total square: 66.2 m2
$ 63436 Sale
total square: 95 m2

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Manhattan apartment features staircase lined with 20,000 Lego bricks
Usually when you're looking for a new home, you need to consider things like whether or not it has a built-in dishwasher or central air...
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