The Exit Zero Jazz Festival

    The Exit Zero Jazz Festival
    20 Apr 12:00 PM
    Until 20 Apr, 11:45 PM 11h 45m

    The Exit Zero Jazz Festival

    place Cape May Convention Hall 714 Beach Ave, Cape May, NJ, United States. expand_more
    Organized by arrow_forward_ios Cape May Jazz Festival Foundation

    The Exit Zero Jazz Festival debuted in November 2012 in the national historic landmark city of Cape May, a picturesque beach town on the very southern tip of New Jersey. The Festival takes place twice a year, Spring and Autumn, in the shoulder tourist seasons of Cape May.

    The 2024 Spring Exit Zero Jazz Festival is a 3-day musical feast featuring hundreds of musicians and thousands of visitors. Presented by the Worldwide Logistics Group, Exit Zero Jazz presents international touring artists performing on the stage in Cape May Convention Hall. Headlining the Spring Exit Zero Jazz is the Branford Marsalis Quartet.

    Each night, the musical feast continues with Fest shows in the bars and restaurants of Cape May. You might find yourself one minute second-lining to a New Orleans brass band, and, in the next, snaking through town behind a 22-piece Brazilian drum bloco. The joy of the Exit Zero Jazz Festival is in the discovery of incredible music and musicians you may never have known existed.

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