Floyd Nation: Experience Pink Floyd

    Floyd Nation: Experience Pink Floyd
    01 Nov 08:00 PM
    Until 01 Nov, 11:30 PM 3h 30m

    Floyd Nation: Experience Pink Floyd

    Scottish Rite Auditorium 315 White Horse Pike, Collingswood, NJ 08107
    Tickets: $39.50, $49.50, $59.50Scottish Rite Auditorium Member Presale: Wednesday, June 12 @ 10am

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    General On Sale: Thursday, June 13 @ 10am

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    Floyd Nation: Experience Pink Floyd

    Floyd Nation isn’t just any band. Their concerts feature elaborate light and laser shows that synchronize with the music they create, delivering a mesmerizing sensory experience. When able, the band also deploys their Quadraphonic Sound System which immerses their audience in a 360-degree wall of sound, further enhancing the live concert experience.

    But there is a deeper secret to the band’s success. Floyd Nation fans will tell you that the very personal connection the band continually strives to develop and nurture with their audience is what keeps them coming back show after show. Floyd Nation’s success in this area is not a forced or trained act—it’s a testament to who the members of Floyd Nation are as people.Their desire to make fan connections is part of Floyd Nation’s culture. In many instances the group sees their fans traveling thousands of miles to be with them when they perform.

    From the moment Floyd Nation’s crew walks in the door, to the time they leave, the venues they work with experience a caring and compassionate connection.


    Sonically, Floyd Nation strives for perfection. To the members of the band, it’s not enough to play note for note as they believe any trained studio musician can deliver note-for-note performances. Perfection to the band’s members means note-for-note performances as well as diving deep into the“tone and feel”of the music. Feel is a very difficult word to describe, but simply put it’s that feeling you get when you experience something spectacular that gives you goosebumps. Think back to the last time you had goosebumps and you’ll begin to understand what happens to Floyd Nation’s fans when they attend a live performance.

    From time to time during performances, the Floyd Nation will“stretch their legs” and improvise sections of Pink Floyd songs outside of the structure of the original music. The level of talent needed for a group of musicians to stay within the boundaries of Pink Floyd while improvising is immense. This is yet another facet of the band that separates them from other national touring bands who perform the music of Pink Floyd.

    Floyd Nation has been known to create many memorable, intimate moments, connecting with audiences emotionally through the music they have forever loved. It is why, for this reason ,they’re often described by their fans as“second only to Pink Floyd”

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