Deep Purple (Celebrating 50 Years Of Smoke On The Water)

    Deep Purple (Celebrating 50 Years Of Smoke On The Water)
    30 Aug 06:30 PM
    Until 30 Aug, 11:30 PM 5h

    Deep Purple (Celebrating 50 Years Of Smoke On The Water)

    place Freedom Mortgage Pavilion 1 Harbour Blvd, Camden, NJ 08103 expand_more
    Organized by arrow_forward_ios Live Nation

    Get ready to celebrate 50 years of rock history with Deep Purple as they take the stage at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion in Camden, NJ, on Friday, August 30, 2024. This special concert event will pay tribute to one of the most iconic songs in rock and roll history, "Smoke on the Water," as well as commemorate Deep Purple's legendary career spanning five decades.

    Formed in Hertford, England, in 1968, Deep Purple has left an indelible mark on the world of rock music with their pioneering sound and electrifying performances. From their early hits like "Hush" and "Kentucky Woman" to their groundbreaking album "Machine Head" and beyond, Deep Purple's music continues to inspire generations of fans and musicians alike.

    "Smoke on the Water," released in 1972, remains one of the most recognizable and beloved rock anthems of all time. Its iconic guitar riff and infectious groove have cemented its place in the pantheon of rock classics, making it a must-hear for music lovers around the world.

    At the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion, Deep Purple will treat fans to a setlist featuring all of their biggest hits and fan favorites, as well as special tributes to "Smoke on the Water" and other highlights from their illustrious career. From virtuosic instrumentals to powerhouse vocals, Deep Purple's live performances are guaranteed to leave audiences spellbound.

    Tickets for Deep Purple's "Celebrating 50 Years of Smoke on the Water" concert at the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion are sure to sell out quickly, so be sure to secure yours as soon as they become available. Don't miss your chance to witness rock history in the making as Deep Purple takes the stage to celebrate half a century of unforgettable music and memories.


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