Brutes Roots Cannabis shop in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey Releases Sun-Grown Flower This Week!

Brute’s Roots has become New Jersey’s first independent recreational weed cultivator to release its “Goodfather” sungrown flower in select indie-owned legal cannabis shops across the state. This is a significant step for cannabis production in the state, which recently legalised recreational use of marijuana. Kelly Gatto, the owner and president of Brute’s Roots, intends to provide safe and affordable cannabis for the market while making wholesale deliveries. One of her close friends at Valley Wellness is receiving the first batch of wholesale deliveries. As cannabis use continues to gain mainstream attention, more companies like Brute’s Roots will continue to emerge and expand. The move could prove beneficial to the state’s economy as more businesses emerge and create jobs, as well as address issues such as the opioid crisis.

Brute's Roots

Nestled in the heart of beautiful South Jersey, Brute’s Roots is more than just a business – it’s a labor of love. Taking inspiration from the lush landscape and rich culture that surrounds them, the talented team at Brute’s Roots has curated an impressive array of top-of-the-line products that are sure to delight customers. From artisanal crafts to exquisite jewelry and everything in between, each item is hand-selected for its quality and uniqueness. But it’s not just about the products – Brute’s Roots is also known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re a seasoned local or a curious tourist, you’ll feel right at home among the warm smiles and helpful assistance. And best of all, Brute’s Roots offers unbeatable prices without ever compromising on the quality that its loyal customers have come to expect. So what are you waiting for? Come discover what makes Brute’s Roots one of South Jersey’s most beloved institutions today!

Brute’s Roots cultivation team has been putting in a lot of effort this year, and it is clear that their hard work is paying off. With their recent first harvest and ongoing growth in greenhouses, they are gearing up for the launch of their SUNGROWN flower this fall 2023. They have also planned to introduce their indoor flower and a variety of manufactured cannabis products later this year. As part of their commitment to top-quality cannabis, they are looking forward to offering new strains and products within the New Jersey Market. For those who are looking for a reliable and quality cannabis supplier, Brute’s Roots should definitely be on the list.

Brute’s Roots dispensary has a convenient location in relation to major highways and public transportation options. It is only 1.5 miles away from both the East and West entrances of the Atlantic City Expressway. The Garden State Parkway is also relatively close, being approximately 3.2 miles away. Additionally, the dispensary is situated directly on the Black Horse Pike, which allows for walking access to both East and West bus stops for NJ Transit. These bus stops are also conveniently located, being only 350 feet away from the dispensary. For customers who choose to take public transportation, this proximity makes it easy to access Brute’s Roots dispensary and its products.

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