Pete Davidson, Jerry Seinfeld, Nikki Glaser, Lewis Black, Michael Rappaport, Chris Redd, Explore All Stand Up Comedy & the Top Comedians Coming Up This November & Throughout Fall in New Jersey!

The vibrant and exhilarating fall season is just around the corner, and what better way to welcome it than with an array of side-splitting stand-up comedy shows! You can expect to be spoilt for choice with so many exciting and rib-tickling performances lined up for your enjoyment. Whether you’re an ardent fan or just looking to have a great time, these shows will surely leave you in stitches. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of laughter that will leave you feeling energized and uplifted. The list of performers is nothing short of impressive, from the well-known Earthquake and Eddie Griffin to the young and vibrant Chris Redd and Nikki Glaser. And let’s not forget the comedy stalwart himself, the legendary Jerry Seinfeld! You can be sure that there’s something to tickle everyone’s funny bone. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the hilarious Michael Rapaport and Lewis Black perform live across the country. Get your tickets now and get ready to laugh your way through fall!

Autumn is a season that’s always packed with excitement, and as it draws nearer, it’s hard not to feel the thrill of anticipation. Whether you’re a fan of pumpkin spice lattes or simply revel in the crisp, cool air that characterizes these months, there’s always something to look forward to. For those in New Jersey, the options for enjoying this autumn season just got even better, because there are so many fantastic comedy shows to take in. There’s really no better way to unwind and relax than by enjoying some lighthearted humor with your closest friends, and the best comedy shows in the area definitely deliver on that front. With their quick wit and irreverent humor, these talented comedians are just what you need to lift your spirits on a chilly fall evening. So why not get your tickets now and start planning for a night of side-splitting laughter and unforgettable memories? Trust us, it’s a decision you won’t regret!

Attention all comedy lovers! You are cordially invited to witness a spectacular night of laughter and entertainment at the renowned Newark Symphony Hall. Get ready to witness the much-awaited return of the peppermint comedy night! Brace yourself to be blown away by the amazing lineup of comedians that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and leave you in stitches. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable evening filled with hilarious jokes, witty puns, and side-splitting laughter. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness some of the most talented comedians in the game, performing in a classic venue that amplifies the laughter and joy. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and get ready to have your funny bone tickled! See you there!


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Johnny Mitchell is an incredibly talented comedian who will be performing live at the Stress Factory Comedy Club. His unique style of humor is sure to have you in stitches all night long. Whether you’re looking for a night out with friends or just want to treat yourself to a good laugh, Johnny Mitchell is the perfect choice. He has years of experience as a stand-up comedian and has honed his craft to perfection. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to see him live and in person. So, grab your tickets now and get ready for a night of non-stop laughter and fun with Johnny Mitchell at the Stress Factory Comedy Club!

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Nikki Glaser is an exceptionally talented comedian who isn’t afraid to dive deep into taboo topics like sex, sobriety, and insecurities on stage. She is a rare gem in the comedy world who is not afraid to push boundaries and share her unique perspective with her audience. If you enjoy watching confident and hilarious women take center stage, then Glaser’s upcoming “The Good Girl Tour” at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ is an event you won’t want to miss! She is undoubtedly a rising star in the comedy sphere, and with her incredible performances in her Netflix special “Bangin”, as well as her iconic appearances on Comedy Central, you can be assured that her upcoming show will be a memorable one. Additionally, her hosting duties on the hit reality dating show FBOY Island demonstrate her versatility as a comedian. In short, get ready to be entertained by Nikki Glaser and her unique brand of sass and humor!

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Chris Redd is set to perform at the renowned Stress Factory Comedy Club! Join us for a night of laughter as Chris, a talented comedian and actor, takes the stage to deliver his unique brand of humor. With his hilarious observations on pop culture, current events, and everyday life, Chris is sure to keep you entertained all night long. The Stress Factory Comedy Club is the perfect venue for a night out with friends or a fun date night, with its intimate setting and welcoming atmosphere. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Chris Redd perform live – get your tickets now before they sell out!

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Pete Correale is a hilarious stand-up comedian renowned for his sharp wit and relatable observations on everyday life. He will be performing live at The Wellmont Theater, a historic venue known for hosting some of the biggest names in comedy. This promises to be an unforgettable evening of comedy, as Pete’s unique style and hilarious humor will have audiences laughing out loud. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see one of the most talented comedians of our time live on stage. Book your tickets now and treat yourself to an unforgettable night of laughter and entertainment at The Wellmont Theater with Pete Correale.

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Jerry Seinfeld, the legendary comedian acclaimed for his unique brand of observational humor, is set to appear at the Borgata Event Center. Fans and comedy lovers alike can look forward to a night of laughter and entertainment from this iconic performer. Known for his expert comedic timing, clever quips, and witty humor, Jerry Seinfeld has captured the hearts of audiences for decades. From his hit television show Seinfeld to his sold-out stand-up performances, Seinfeld has become a household name and has helped redefine the world of comedy. Now, fans have the chance to see him live in action at the Borgata Event Center, where his sharp wit and humor will be sure to leave attendees laughing and smiling for days to come. With this incredible opportunity, make sure to get your tickets and experience firsthand the magic of Jerry Seinfeld at the Borgata Event Center!

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Staten Island native and comedian Pete Davidson has been making headlines not only for his impressive dating roster, but also for his growing success as a standup comic. With his unique confessional-like style, where he openly discusses his struggles with drug addiction, dating, and mental health, he has become a relatable and likable figure to many. His ability to tackle sensitive topics with humor and authenticity has garnered him a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim, making him one of the most exciting comedians in the industry today.

For those who want to catch him live, Pete will be performing at the Hackensack Meridian Health Theater on November 18 and at the Englewood Performing Arts Center on November 19. With his undeniable talent and growing popularity, it’s sure to be a night of unforgettable laughs and entertainment. Don’t miss your chance to see this rising star in person!

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One of the most hilarious and dynamic acts in the world of comedy! The ever-popular Lewis Black is coming to the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey on December 8, and you won’t want to miss this epic event!

Lewis Black is a true comedic genius and a legend in the industry, known for his sharp wit, biting humor, and unique perspective on the world around us. With his signature rants and hilarious observations, he never fails to leave his audiences in stitches and begging for more.

So why not treat yourself and your friends to an unforgettable night of laughter and fun? Get your tickets now for Lewis Black at the Wellmont Theater on December 8, and be prepared to laugh until your sides ache! You won’t regret it!

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