What makes ‘Jaws’ such a scary film after all? – The


It’s been 45 years since audiences watched Stephen Spielberg’s great white shark terrorizing the townspeople of Amity Island and still, decades later “Jaws” remains on everybody’s list of favorite horror films.

How can that be?

The shark is barely seen.

Plus the drama is centered on a police chief, oceanographer and an outspoken and peculiar shark hunter, who is admittedly a scary character himself, and their quest to destroy the devilish beast.

But as Professor Brendan Kredell explains, that’s the beauty of this film.

It’s what you don’t see that frightens you.

“I grew up near on the Jersey Shore and beach where the first documented white shark attack happened. The idea of a shark attacking you while you’re enjoying yourself in the water is perhaps the scariest thing you can imagine,” said the professor and head of film studies at Oakland University.

Animatronics at that time was nowhere near what it’s become today.

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