Delish! The Best Fried Chicken in New Jersey


Is there really ever a time when fried chicken is not a great meal? Whether it’s dinner, lunch, snack, or picnic, fried chicken never disappoints. Personally, I enjoy hot or cold, and gives me a nice crunching coating, no sense in having fried chicken without a great crunch lol. In addition, give me a nice side of cole slaw and maybe mashed potatoes and I am one happy camper. In fact, after writing this article I may just head out for some fried chicken, haven’t had for dinner in quite some time.



Unsplash.com GoodEats YQR

Unsplash.com GoodEats YQR



Here is an interesting fact about “frozen” fried chicken which many bring home for dinner in America. According to this Statistic, 178.98 million Americans consumed frozen fried chicken in 2020. This figure is projected to increase to 184.02 million in 2024.” Growing up I used to enjoy the “TV dinner” that was fried chicken, potatoes, corn, and a little dessert. It was nothing fancy but as a kid, it was a tasty dinner. Haven’t had a “TV dinner” in decades.



According to Taste of Home, the best-fried chicken is located in Passaic County, New Jersey. Head to Paterson for Chicken Supreme. “Always fresh, never frozen” is the motto at this Jersey joint. Each hunk of meat (seriously, the pieces are BIG!) is coated in crispy breading that gives way to a mouthful of juicy goodness inside.



Have you been to Chicken Supreme? Give us your review and let us know what you think. Do you have additional “fried chicken” joints you recommend we try out? Look forward to your “2 cents” on this delicious topic.


Unsplash.com Ke Vin

Unsplash.com Ke Vin


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