Spookiest Urban Legend in New Jersey The Ghost Boy


I think for the most part when people think of scary stories from New Jersey the first one that pops into everyone’s mind is the legend of the Jersey Devil. It’s our “monster” and he has his very own story and lore that goes along with it. We even named our NHL hockey team after the monster “The New Jersey Devils”. However, I don’t think I would categorize the Jersey Devil as an “Urban Legend”. So what would be pur spookiest urban legend here in New Jersey? Drew Tilk Drew Tilk



Reader’s Digest did a recent article about “urban legends” around the nation. “No matter where in the United States you’re from, your home state is sure to have its share of urban legends and urban myths. These scary stories aren’t just for Halloween; they’re whispered between campers, passed from town to town and reserved for nights when the power goes out.” Šimom Caban Šimom Caban


For us here in New Jersey, Reader’s Digest selected an urban legend I was not aware of. “The Ghost Boy of Clinton Road”. I didn’t know of this tale but I wanted to share it with you for Halloween. “The ghost of a young boy is said to reside beneath one of the bridges on this road in Passaic County in northern New Jersey. According to legend, he’s quite helpful, not to mention honest: If you drop a coin into the water, he will return it to you within 24 hours. It has become a rite of passage for local teens to go test it out.” Hmm, I guess I need to get a coin and test this legend out. Happy Halloween!


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