New Jersey’s Most Beautiful Coastal Walk Is Among Best In



According to Statista, “Close to 60 million people in the United States participated in hiking activities at least once in 2022.” As you can see “hiking” or “walking” is a huge past time for millions of Americans.





Love Exploring did a recent article that focused on some of the most beautiful coastal trails around America. From wooded terrain to beachfront boardwalks, this list has the most scenic spots to walk/hike in the United States. “Some of the best coastal walks take in long stretches of varied scenery, while others follow trails in seaside parks or simply take a pleasant meander by the sand. According to the NOAA, the US has a total of 95,471 miles (153,652km) of shoreline. We’ve made narrowing it down a little easier by rounding up some of the best parts to explore on foot.”



Here in New Jersey, our selection by Love Exploring comes from South Jersey along one of our most famous boardwalks. “Wildwoods on the Jersey Shore is pure Americana, and so is a stroll along its 2.5-mile (4km) boardwalk. It’s grown quite a bit from its initial 150-yard length in the late 19th century, and even moved closer to the ocean twice as the shoreline shifted. Promenade past three piers with amusement park rides, plus rows of colorful shops, restaurants and arcades, stop at the sandy beaches or just gaze out at the ocean. The area is also home to a strip of mid-century modern inns known as “Doo Wop” motels.”




Personally, I have been to Wildwood on many occasions and their boardwalk is one of the largest in the Garden State. 2.5 miles of boardwalk to enjoy. So theoretically if you start at one end go 2.5 miles down to end the return back to start you can get yourself a 5-mile hike all along the beautiful beachfront of Wildwood. The boardwalk itself has all kinds of sights and sounds for you to enjoy while hiking. It’s great to walk all year round, although it may be a bit chilly in winter.



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