New List Names 5 South Jersey-Based Food Trucks Among Best


Who doesn’t love a good festival, am I right?

It doesn’t matter the time of year; what does matter are three things: good food, good drinks, and good entertainment. Here in the Garden State, you’d be hard-pressed to attend any festival that doesn’t have all three. Most importantly, though, is probably the food.

These days, it’s become a game to try as many different food truck options as you can. There are just so many options that it’d be silly to eat at the same one time and time again. We’re pretty lucky, us Jersey residents, that we have so many delicious options to choose from. Even better than that, since they’re on wheels, they can be reserved for your private event.

A recent list was published that names all of the best food trucks New Jersey has to offer. Believe it or not, quite a few of them hail from the southern-most part of the state. What can I say? Here in South Jersey, we love a good meal.

Take a look at six of the food trucks from South Jersey that made the list:

1.) Mama’s Meatballs

Photo by Reshu Drolia on Unsplash

Photo by Reshu Drolia on Unsplash

Based right outside of Philly in Pennsauken, NJ, Mama’s Meatballs features recipes that span all the way back to Grandma’s recipes. The owners of Mama’s try their best to give you that homecooked taste on the go.

2.) Top Shelf Mobile Cuisine

Photo by Emanuel Ekström on Unsplash

Photo by Emanuel Ekström on Unsplash

Francine always had a dream of having her own catering company, but she knew that if her business got too big, it would eventually limit her interaction with the customers. So, Top Shelf was born. Think of it as fine dining on wheels. All of Francine’s ingredients are locally sourced (when she can get them) and her serving items are all bio-degradable. Francine even incentives her patrons to give back to the South Jersey community by offering a 15% discount to customers who bring a non-perishable food item as a donation. Keep up the great work, Francine!

3.) Mary’s Mobile Diner

Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash

Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash

If you’re from Jersey, PA, or Delaware, you know how much people in this region LOVE their diner food. A diner on wheels? You can’t beat it! It’s comfort food on-the-go! When you see Mary’s in the lineup, just know that you can expect PLENTY of options for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

4.) Mermaid Mutineer

Imagine ditching your excellent job opening restaurants up and down the Atlantic Coast to open up your own mobile spot inside an Airstream. Well, that’s what Heather Holden did back in 2016. Now, she gets to make all of her favorite dishes and bring them to YOU, the festival-goer!

5.) Pirate Pete’s Soda Pop

@piratepetessoda via Instagram

@piratepetessoda via Instagram

So, you may have noticed that this one isn’t about food. You need something delicious to wash down all those yummy meals, do you not? Pirate Pete’s has entered the chat. Pirate Pete’s prides itself on serving up soda “the old-fashioned way.” The best way to enjoy their drinks is in a stainless steel mug. Purchase a mug and you can bring it with you to any event and refill it at the truck for just $5 a day!

Check out the full list of New Jersey’s best food trucks HERE.


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