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Just Announced

The Newton Theatre has released some exciting news to its valued patrons and Darlene Love fans! The famed songstress will be gracing the stage to bring some holiday cheer and excitement to the much-anticipated Love for the Holidays show. As a renowned performer and entertainer, Darlene Love has won the hearts of many with her soulful voice and electrifying performances. It’s no surprise that this special holiday edition show has been announced and people are eagerly anticipating this unique opportunity to experience her talent once again. So why wait? Get your tickets now and join the hundreds of others who are just as eager to revel in the magic of the holidays with Darlene Love at The Newton Theatre!

Attention all Eagles fans! We have exciting news to share with you. As a result of the overwhelming response we received for EagleMania’s upcoming show, we are pleased to announce that a second show has been added to the schedule on November 19th. If you missed out on tickets to the first show, now is your chance to see the world’s greatest Eagles tribute band perform live at this highly anticipated event. Get ready to experience all the iconic hits of the Eagles, flawlessly recreated by the talented musicians of EagleMania. This is a show not to be missed, so be sure to grab your tickets now before they sell out again! Trust us, you don’t want to miss your chance to witness the magic of EagleMania up close and personal. EagleMania: The World’s Greatest Eagles Tribute. 

Come for the movie, stay for our Haunting Hour, happening in our Café Bar immediately after the film!

“His name was Jason… and today is his birthday.”

Friday the 13th is a 1980 American independent slasher film produced and directed by Sean S. Cunningham, written by Victor Miller, and starring Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King, Harry Crosby, Laurie Bartram, Mark Nelson, Jeannine Taylor, Robbi Morgan, and Kevin Bacon. Its plot follows a group of teenage camp counselors who are murdered one by one by an unknown killer while attempting to re-open an abandoned summer camp with a tragic past.” — Wikipedia

Join us…if you dare…for free popcorn, photo ops, a costume contest, spooky drinks, vendors, and more! Part of UCPAC’s 35mm Classic Film Series

Barbie, the iconic doll that has captured the hearts of children worldwide, and her amazing group of friends will be gracing the stage at the Brook Arts Center with their incredible presence. Get ready to be wowed by the glamorous and iconic fashion choices of Barbie and her friends, who will be showcasing some of the most fabulous ensembles that will leave you in awe. This event is set to be jam-packed with fun and excitement, with non-stop entertainment that every fan of Barbie and her friends will absolutely love. So why not come and join us for an unforgettable evening that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Get your tickets today and don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to see Barbie and her fabulous friends in action!

And, get ready to be thrilled because The Price is Right Live!™, the hit interactive stage show, is finally making its way to the State Theatre in New Jersey! This highly-anticipated event is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the excitement of the iconic game show beyond your TV screens, and in the comfort of a live theater setting. With this live show, you’ll have a chance to play classic games like Plinko, Cliffhangers, The Big Wheel, and more! Plus, imagine the thrill and anticipation as you could be called down to become a contestant and win big prizes right before everyone’s eyes. This is the perfect outing for a night of entertainment with family and friends, so make sure you don’t miss out on The Price is Right Live!™ at the State Theatre in New Jersey.

Hold on to your seats! Are you ready to experience something truly phenomenal? Brace yourself for an epic adventure with the one and only Spider-Man as you’ve never seen him before! We are thrilled to announce that the stunning Academy Award®-winning animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is coming to life, live on stage in an unforgettable concert experience. Prepare to be mesmerized by a magical soundtrack that blends the timeless beauty of symphonic orchestral music with the vibrant energy of hip-hop beats. On stage, live musicians and a DJ scratcher will take the audience on an electrifying journey, weaving together a seamless fusion of music and visuals that will have you on the edge of your seat. So grab your popcorn and get ready for a unique cinematic spectacle that is sure to leave you spellbound!

Coming Up Tonight & The Weekend!

This weekend, music enthusiasts and fans alike will be thrilled to attend the exhilarating face-off between two legendary bands who have left indelible marks on the music industry – The Beatles and The Stones – at the highly anticipated Victor Vault. Excitement and anticipation are running high as both bands are vying for the ultimate title of the best band to grace the music scene. It’s a mightily tough call to choose between these two bestselling groups, each with their own distinct and inspiring sound. Fans will no doubt be in for a musical extravaganza, filled with classic hits and electrifying performances that will leave them wanting more. The stage is set and the atmosphere is electric, it’s going to be an unforgettable weekend!

The highly anticipated event, featuring the beloved actor John Cusack in a live conversation at the State Theatre, is finally here! This is a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with one of Hollywood’s most talented and accomplished actors. On this special occasion, John Cusack will share exclusive insights into his illustrious career spanning over three decades. 

Click Here for State Theatre Shows.

The audience will have the chance to engage with him and ask questions about his past and current projects, as well as his personal life and inspirations. This is a must-see event for die-hard fans as well as anyone who appreciates the art of film and storytelling. Make sure to mark your calendars and get your tickets now, because this is an experience you do not want to miss!

Plus, a Special Screening of High Fidelity

The Victor Vault, also known as His Master’s Voice Memorial, is a significant historical site located at the Victor Building 19. This site holds a great deal of significance for music enthusiasts and historians alike, as it is a testament to the legacy of the Victor Talking Machine Company and its iconic symbol: the “His Master’s Voice” logo. The company played a pivotal role in the development of recorded music in the early 20th century, and its legacy continues to inspire music lovers today. The Victor Vault, located within the Victor Building 19, serves as a tribute to the great artists and performers who recorded with the company and the engineers and innovators who made it all possible. It is a place where visitors can learn about the history of recorded music and appreciate the legacy of the Victor Talking Machine Company and its contribution to the music industry.

WXPN, a Philadelphia-based public radio station, is excited to welcome the legendary rock band Little Feat to the Scottish Rite Auditorium. Fans of the band can expect to hear hits from their extensive back catalog, including “Dixie Chicken” and “Willin'”. The band formed in 1969 and quickly gained a reputation for their unique blend of rock, blues, and country. Almost 50 years later, they continue to be celebrated for their exceptional musicianship and dynamic live performances. WXPN, known for their support of diverse and independent musical acts, is thrilled to have the opportunity to present Little Feat in concert and showcase their enduring appeal to audiences both young and old. The Scottish Rite Auditorium is the perfect venue for this memorable event, with its intimate setting and state-of-the-art acoustics. Tickets are available now, so don’t miss your chance to see Little Feat live.

Anthony Jeselnik is a comedian known for his dark, edgy humor that often delves into taboo topics. This year, he is bringing his Bones and All Tour to The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey, and it promises to be a night full of laughs and surprises.

Jeselnik has become a household name, thanks to his fearless approach to comedy and his willingness to tackle sensitive subjects. From his appearances on Comedy Central’s Roast and his own Netflix specials to his hit podcast series “The Jeselnik and Rosenthal Vanity Project,” he never fails to entertain.

If you’re in the Montclair area and you’re looking for a night of laughter, make sure to catch Anthony Jeselnik’s Bones and All Tour at The Wellmont Theater. It’s sure to be a night you won’t forget!

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Explore the 2023 Montclair Film Festival Program. We are excited to announce that our program this year includes an incredible selection of films, panels, workshops and special events that celebrate the art of cinema and its ability to showcase diverse perspectives from around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned cinephile or just curious about the power of storytelling, there is something for everyone in the 2023 Montclair Film Festival Program.

With a total of over 100 films set to screen throughout the festival, we are thrilled to be featuring premieres, classic films, kid-friendly fare, and stories that challenge our perspectives and celebrate the human spirit. Not to mention, we’ll be hosting exciting panel discussions and workshops with filmmakers, producers, actors and industry professionals, giving audiences a unique opportunity to engage with some of the most talented creators behind this year’s films.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are about exploring the 2023 Montclair Film Festival Program and joining us for an unforgettable experience.

The Montclair Film Festival is proud to announce the highly anticipated Opening Night Film, Dream Scenario, featuring the one and only Nicolas Cage in the lead role as the talented and enigmatic Paul Matthews. This long-awaited film promises to be a captivating and thrilling journey that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

The Montclair Film Festival is a highly anticipated event for film enthusiasts, featuring a diverse selection of films from various genres. Among the fantastic line-up is a special fiction feature titled “May December.” This film promises to captivate its audience with a heartwarming and thought-provoking storyline that will leave a lasting impression. As the title suggests, “May December” explores the intricacies of a relationship between a younger and an older person and the challenges they face in their journey together. The talented cast and crew have put their hearts and souls into bringing this story to life, and it is sure to be a standout feature of the festival. So don’t miss your chance to experience this touching cinematic journey and join the many attendees eagerly anticipating the release of “May December” at The Montclair Film Festival.

The Montclair Film Festival is excited to announce the highly anticipated documentary centerpiece that is sure to captivate audiences. This year’s centerpiece is none other than the critically acclaimed and thought-provoking film, Stamped from the Beginning. Produced by an outstanding team of filmmakers, this documentary takes a deep look at the history of racism in America through the lens of its three most influential figures: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and W.E.B Du Bois. By examining the lives and legacies of these iconic figures, Stamped from the Beginning offers a fresh perspective on the origins of racism in America and how it has evolved throughout history. This powerful and impactful film promises to be a conversation starter, sparking reflection and discussion on a topic that is as relevant today as ever. Don’t miss your chance to experience this extraordinary documentary in the heart of Montclair, where film and culture intersect.

The esteemed Montclair Film Festival is proud to present a riveting and captivating documentary feature competition entitled “Pianoforte”. This competition promises to showcase the most enriching and compelling documentaries that touch on the arts, with a specific focus on the fascinating world of piano music. The awe-inspiring beauty of the Montclair Film Festival’s documentary feature competition is unparalleled, providing an exclusive look into the creative and diverse piano music culture that has captivated audiences for centuries. With a meticulously curated selection of documentaries that explore this vast and exciting world, the Montclair Film Festival is sure to delight and inspire both piano enthusiasts and those who appreciate the power of storytelling. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in the magical and transformative world of “Pianoforte” at the Montclair Film Festival.

Acclaimed director Alexander Payne presents an insightful and deeply moving film, THE HOLDOVERS. This captivating movie follows the story of a curmudgeonly instructor named Paul Giamatti, who works at a prestigious New England prep school. During Christmas break, Giamatti is forced to stay put on campus and look after a handful of students who have nowhere else to go. Giamatti quickly learns that teaching these students goes far beyond academics and into the realm of emotional support. With his trademark grace and sensitivity, Payne crafts a touching story that explores the power of human connection and the importance of empathy. Paul Giamatti gives an incredible performance, portraying the character with a nuanced vulnerability that earns him a place among the greats. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable film!

The Montclair Film Festival is an exciting event that celebrates the art of filmmaking in all its different forms. This year, we are thrilled to announce the NJ Shorts Competition, which will feature some of the most talented filmmakers from the New Jersey area. From thought-provoking documentaries to heart-warming dramas, the shorts that will be screened during this competition are sure to inspire and captivate audiences. If you’re a lover of independent cinema, or if you simply want to experience some of the most innovative new voices in the film world, then don’t miss out on this amazing event. With its unparalleled blend of creativity, diversity, and entertainment, the NJ Shorts Competition promises to be a cinematic experience unlike any other!

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