Haunted New Jersey: Devils Tower


Nestled in the affluent neighborhood of Alpine, New Jersey, lies a structure that seemingly stands out of place amidst luxurious mansions and lush greenery. This structure is the Devil’s Tower, a monument shrouded in legends, mysteries, and ghostly tales. Let’s delve into the haunting allure of this architectural marvel on Esplanade Road.

Contrary to its eerie name, Devil’s Tower was initially constructed out of love. Manuel Rionda, a sugar magnate, built the tower in the early 20th century for his beloved wife so that she could enjoy views of New York City from the comfort of their estate. However, the romantic tale soon took a tragic turn.

As the story goes, Manuel Rionda’s wife reportedly saw her husband with another woman from the vantage point of the tower. Distraught by what she witnessed, she allegedly threw herself off the tower. While there’s no factual basis to this tragic tale, it has become an integral part of the local lore. Many claim that her spirit still haunts the tower, especially on moonlit nights.

Over the years, several locals and visitors have reported uncanny experiences near the tower. Whispered voices, cold gusts of wind on still nights, and fleeting shadows are just a few of the many mysterious phenomena associated with Devil’s Tower. Some brave souls who dared to circle the tower backward three times claim to have seen the ghostly apparition of Rionda’s wife.

Despite its spooky reputation, Devil’s Tower stands as a testament to early 20th-century architecture. Its stone structure, reminiscent of medieval European towers, adds a touch of historical charm to Alpine’s modern landscape. While many come in search of ghosts and thrills, others visit to appreciate the tower’s architectural beauty and the panoramic views it offers.

If you’re planning a trip to Alpine and are intrigued by mysterious tales, Devil’s Tower on Esplanade Road is a must-visit. Whether you’re a believer in the paranormal or simply a lover of history and architecture, this tower has something to offer. Just remember, if you decide to circle the tower backward three times, you might just get more than you bargained for.

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