Philadelphia students are being taught to

What should students do if there’s an active shooter in the school? For years, the School District of Philadelphia’s answer was to barricade themselves as the school went into lockdown. But now, teachers and older students in Philly are being taught to “counter” shooters. 

Called ALICE training, the new style of drill was announced at the end of August along with other safety measures, but was mostly lost in the buzz over drones and gun-detecting artificial intelligence.

ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate, which is what it teaches participants to do. “Countering” is anything that distracts the shooter and makes it harder for them to harm someone, according to ALICE’s website. This can include throwing objects, making loud noises, and in some cases tackling the shooter. 

Andrew Saltz, a teacher at Paul Robeson High School in West Philly, described part of the video used during the new training.

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