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Well in all honesty I must say, because I love coffee, there are not too many coffee shops that I have been in that I didn’t like. Maybe I’m just lucky and maybe you are reading this and saying “I know some really bad coffee shops”. Again, maybe I’m lucky and if so I won’t complain LOL When it comes to coffee shops I find each and every one has its own character, except for the big chains which are pretty much the same. For me there are two basic rules, be clean and make good coffee, that’s it. tabitha turner tabitha turner



How do you like your coffee? I prefer black coffee, no sugar. My cup is simple and easy to find anywhere. Black coffee isn’t for everyone, maybe you prefer coffee with more trimmings and that’s fine. Today’s coffee shops offer so many varieties of coffee and it’s become a hugely popular business. According to Joe’s Garage Coffee, Americans drink 400 Million Coffee Cups a Day, and individually, an American coffee drinker consumes about three cups of coffee per day.” pariwat pannium pariwat pannium


Finance Buzz did a recent article that explored the best coffee shops around the nation and it included their choice for us here in the Garden State. According to Finance Buzz, they selected Rook Coffee in Long Branch as their choice “Rook Coffee roasts in-house and grinds just before their brew, creating a very fresh cup of coffee. The New Orleans Cold Brew is a favorite option for those looking for freshness with some zing. You can easily get a cold brew on a hot day and couple that with some gelato while you’re at it.”





Do you have a favorite cup of coffee at Rook Coffee? Share your recommendations with us. Post your comments below. GC Libraries Creative Tech Lab GC Libraries Creative Tech Lab


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