Washington ranked best state in the nation for working in t

(The Center Square) – Washington state is the best state in the U.S. to work in the technology industry, according to a new study by business consulting firm Venture Smarter.

The San Francisco-based firm looked at such factors as hourly wages, the number of in-state tech employees and the option for remote work in determining its rankings.

The Evergreen State, which is home to tech giants Microsoft and Amazon, took the top spot with an overall score 87.72 out of a possible 100 in Venture Smarter’s Tech-Friendly Index.

Per the study, Washington has the highest number of remote workers at 24.2%, as well as the second-highest number of people employed, 60, in tech roles per 1,000 jobs. The state also has the second-highest median hourly wage for all industries at $27.08 and the second-highest median hourly wage in tech industries at $61.64.

Washington’s hourly median wage of $27.08 is 228% higher than the median across all industries.

“This study provides a fascinating insight into which states are the best for pursuing a career in the tech industry,” a Venture Smarter spokesperson said. “Surprisingly, California, the renowned hub of Silicon Valley, does not claim the first spot. Despite boasting the highest median hourly wage for tech professionals, the state falls short in terms of job opportunities compared to other states.”

The 10 best states for working in tech are:

1. Washington

2. California

3. Virginia

4. Maryland

5. Colorado

6. North Carolina

7. Georgia

8. New Jersey

9. Delaware

10. Massachusetts

The 10 worst states for working in tech are:

50. Wyoming

49. North Dakota

48. Mississippi

47. Louisiana

46. Alaska

45. Montana

44. West Virginia

43. South Dakota

42. Indiana

41. Hawaii

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