The Best Christmas Town in New Jersey You Should Visit

Before you scream “It’s too soon” lol I think this is actually a good resource to maybe plan an upcoming getaway for the holidays. If you wait til December you might not be able to visit these fantastic Christmas towns. Yes, we are talking Christmas in September, but Reader’s Digest has put together a list of the best Christmas towns in America. I guess these towns are like something out of a Hallmark movie, so they would be perfect to visit for the holidays. Annie Spratt Annie Spratt



I think ever since the Hallmark Christmas craze began we all dream of these types of towns to actually visit. Ones just like we see in the Hallmark movies. This list from Reader’s Digest lists their pick for best holiday spots around the nation and for New Jersey, I think this town could definitely be used in a Hallmark movie. Reader’s Digest selected Cape May here in the Garden State and I totally agree. That being said, there probably are other towns in Jersey that could make the list, but Cape May is a great pick and the only one they selected here in the Garden State.


Congress Hall (Photo: Christopher Chin,, Copyright 2022)

Congress Hall (Photo: Christopher Chin,, Copyright 2022)


According to Reader’s Digest, “This Victorian seaside town gets even more Dickensian with its gaslights and garlands for the season. Even today, the National Historic Landmark city looks like it belongs in vintage photos of Christmases past. Take a trolley ride back in time to see the Christmas lights, hear Ghosts of Christmas Past tales and jaunt along with Mrs. Claus. Candlelight holiday house tours let you see inside Cape May’s historic homes and inns, and you can enjoy a decorated “Winter Wonderwalk” at the Physick Estate, a Victorian house museum.”


Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels


So if you are thinking of going on a Christmas getaway this holiday season, start looking into Cape May, it’s one of the magical spots in America.


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