See ya later, alligator! Reptile caught after terrorizing N…

A rogue reptile that paralyzed a New Jersey community for more than two weeks was finally fitted for cuffs after an eagle-eyed resident spotted the roaming creature in Piscataway, police said.

The 4-foot long alligator was captured in front of a residence on 2nd Avenue, 400 yards southwest of the Ambrose Brook, police said.

Police body camera footage shows cops tailing the wily fugitive on roadway pavement and then grass just after 10 p.m. Thursday.

In a 56-second clip posted by the Piscataway Police Department on its Facebook page, one officer is seen placing the bottom of his boot on top of the gator’s head, while fellow officers place a snare over its neck.

Cops handed the gator over to the NJ Fish and Wildlife Conservation Police and the rascally reptile was relocated to the Cape May Zoo.

Ambrose Creek
An animal alert was issued in Middlesex, NJ after the alligator was spotted in Ambrose Creek and in Lake Creighton inside Victor Crowell Park.
Mario On Time Landscaping via WABC

an image of the alligator in the lake at a new jersey park
The scaly suspect caused quite a stir in New Jersey for over two weeks.
Dylan Bauman via WABC

The wanted gator with a snare around its neck
The wanted gator with a snare around its neck.
Piscataway Township

The gator — which police said was capable of “inflicting serious or fatal injuries” — was first spotted in Lake Creighton at Victor Crowell Park on Aug. 23.

While loose in the swamps of Jersey, the gator forced park to close for 17 days through Labor Day as Garden State investi-gators searched for the elusive critter. Victor Crowell Park is now reopened.

“This is a very novel thing for New Jersey. We don’t have alligators in the water. We’re not Florida,” Middlesex Borough police Lt. Thomas Falk told reporters at the time.

The pursuit in Piscataway.
The footage shows the brazen reptile leading police on a pursuit in Piscataway. Officers ultimately captured the critter.
Facebook/Piscataway Township

Body cam footage of the officers foot on the gator's head
Body cam footage by Piscataway Police Officer Ian Paglia showed cops capturing the gator.
Facebook/Piscataway Township

Victor Crowell Park was reopened after the gator was caught.
Victor Crowell Park was reopened after the gator was caught.
Piscataway Township

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