St Kitts and Nevis special athlete Kelvis Browne

Kelvis Browne
St Kitts and Nevis special athlete Kelvis Browne participates in Dream Ride Experience in US (PC – Facebook account of Special Olympic St Kitts and Nevis)

Kelvis Browne – Special Olympic St Kitts and Nevis athlete, participated in the 2023 Dream Ride Cruise event. The event was hosted from August 25 to 27 at the Farmington Polo Club in Connecticut.

Dream Ride Experience was a three-day car and motorbike festival organised by the Hometown Foundation in order to raise funds for many charities, including Special Olympics. The annual fundraiser event was joined by over 15000 guests, including 500 Dream Riders from 33 states and five nations, including St Kitts and Nevis, Australia, Ireland and Great Britain.



Browne was accompanied by the dedicated Special Olympics National Director, Ivor Blake. The athlete took centre stage and truly showed himself at the prestigious event. 

The Dream Ride Experience is more than just an event; it’s a multi-day extravaganza featuring a Dream Ride, Dream Cruise, Dream Concert, Dream Show with an impressive array of cars and motorcycles, and a delightful Family Fun Zone.

Notably, the event is hosted for a truly worthy cause – supporting Special Olympics and other charitable endeavours. This event is the flagship of The Hometown Foundation, Inc.

The Special Olympics St Kitts and Nevis appreciated Kelvis Browne and expressed their gratitude to him for representing the country on the international stage. “Kelvis, your dedication and talent continue to inspire us all. Your presence at this event is a testament to the incredible heights our athletes can achieve,” said SOSKN. 

About Dream Ride Experience 

The Dream Ride experience began in 2002 and raised around $20 million, which benefitted the Hometown Foundation’s five pillars of charitable focus, including emergency response personnel, animal welfare, individuals with intellectual disabilities or in need, major illness, and the military.



The experience has grown from its humble roots as a 12-individual motorcycle ride in 2002 to a three-day event and a year-round movement. The event is hosted in honour of the dream riders, who are people with intellectual or developmental disabilities or those in need. 

About Hometown Foundation

The Hometown Foundation Inc. was founded in 2022 and is a charitable organisation dedicated to supporting the community in collaboration with Bozzuto’s Inc. and its IGA retailers. The organisation works to raise funds to support its five pillars of charitable focus, including individuals with intellectual disabilities or in need, major illnesses, military, animal welfare and emergency response personnel. 


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