Why are Taylor Swift’s fans receiving warning from

Taylor Swift’s fans are receiving warning from MetLife Stadium in New Jersey where the singer will be performing her Eras Tour shows this weekend. The 33-year-old singer will be playing three back-to-back shows starting from Friday to Sunday. Naturally, thousands of fans from the Tri-State area can be expected to show up at the show.

In the past few shows, fans who did not get tickets to the Eras Tour were seen gathering in huge crowds at the parking lots of stadiums where they enjoyed the music from Taylor’s concerts. However, it looks like New Jersey fans would not be able to do so, thanks to the warning issued by MetLife Stadium.

What is the warning issued by MetLife Stadium to Taylor Swift’s fans?

On Thursday night, May 25, MetLife Stadium in New Jersey issued a warning to fans and stated that fans without tickets will not be welcome in the parking lot. Take a look at the warning below.



“To be clear, do not come to MetLife Stadium if you are not in possession of a ticket to the Taylor Swift concert. Our parking lots and public transportation will be at maximum capacity and are only for guests who have tickets. Tickets must correspond to that evening’s show. Violation of MetLife Stadium policies may result in ejection from the property and being banned from attending future events.”

MetLife Stadium


Taylor’s fans gathering at the parking lots of stadiums and arenas soon led to a nationwide trend known as Taylor-gating. More on this below.

What is Taylor-gating?

Taylor-gating is a nationwide tailgating trend in which Swifties who could not get tickets to her Eras Tour shows gather outside venues to enjoy the concert in their own way. This trend was born as many fans could not buy tickets to her tour either because of the high prices or due to the long queues at Ticketmaster that led to technical difficulties. Now, fans don’t just sing and party during the show, but they also stay afterward, making friends, sharing food, and enjoying more sing-alongs.

In April, one of TayTay’s fans shared a video on her TikTok space where she can be seen picnicking outside an Eras Tour venue with her friend, while other Swifties sang and danced to The 1. The video now has millions of views.

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