After A 400% Immediate Impact, Aaron Rodgers Kicks

Aaron Rodgers played for the Packers for 18 years. But now, he is in the Jets. He led his former team to a Super Bowl victory, which is the greatest honor for a quarterback. No one expected his move to the Jets, but it was his dream to play for the team and now he gets to live it. Before the 2023 season starts, Rodgers has a million things to see unfold. The Jets has done a significant amount of changes to the roster to satisfy their new quarterback. And most importantly, the fans are very excited about the upcoming season.

The Jets haven’t won a Super Bowl since the moon landing. They basically lasted a lifetime without a Super Bowl. But now that Aaron Rodgers is on the roster, the fans finally have a glimpse of hope. As influential as he is, the arrival of Rodgers has ignited an unprecedented level of excitement among the Jets fans. Even before playing a game, Rodgers has led to an immediate 400% increase in ticket and merchandise sales.

Aaron Rodgers’ Unbelievable Influence


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The Jets’ beacon of light, Aaron Rodgers’ move, was finalized for the team only last month. The ticket sales and merchandise sales are off the chart for this season. It was all triggered by Rodgers’ move to the team. The 39-year-old quarterback’s move was so immense that his jersey sales have exceeded even the younger quarterbacks. Rodgers’ No. 8 jersey sold the most units in the month of April and it’s only expected to go up in the coming months.

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Also, a massive 400% spike was recorded in season ticket sales for the team. And the craziest thing is, fans started buying the tickets long before Rodgers’ move was even finalized. After Rodgers hinted at his transfer to the Jets in the Pat McAfee Show, triggering ticket sales increase by 250%. Fans are over the moon after the transfer and the trend shows. The usual changes around the sales happen when a College quarterback is drafted to a team but the 4 times MVP exceeded all expectations. Even Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes are behind in jersey sales from Rodgers. All of this isn’t new, it has happened before with no other than the 7 times Super Bowl Champ.


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Brady continues to outshine everyone

In the world of the NFL, there is no player more influential in the 21st century than Tom Brady. He is admired by millions of fans and known by billions of people all over the world. Even after his retirement, he is making headlines everywhere. He still holds the top place in merchandise sales in the history of the NFL.

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After playing for the Patriots for 19 years, he signed a contract with the Buccaneers for two years in 2020. After his move to the Bucs, his jersey sale for the team spiked by a whopping 3000%. Ticket sales were off the chart as well. Rodgers and Brady are a different breed, but they are admired by fans for a reason. Rodgers still has the game left in him and this season might well add another Super Bowl to his legacy.


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