“You Ready for Canelo My Boy”: Cowboys Beast Micah

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons is turning heads by donning a Philadelphia 76ers jersey at a heated NBA playoff game. During warmups, Dallas Cowboys’ Parsons greeted Philadelphia Eagles’ Maxey, proudly showing off his jersey, igniting social media frenzy due to their bitter rivalry.

Amidst his frustration at the Reliant Home Run Derby, linebacker-turned-defensive end Micah Parsons gleefully anticipates the future of the Dallas defense in 2023. The Dallas defense, bolstered by rookie talents and the addition of Stephon Gilmore, poses an even greater challenge for opposing offenses. Social media is also buzzing about his viral video, where he tries his hand at a new sport to improve his game in the NFL.

Micah Parsons incorporates boxing


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Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons goes the extra mile by including boxing in his workouts, recognizing the value of fighting techniques and movement in football. His unwavering work ethic and dedication indicate his readiness to excel in the 2023 season. Parsons consistently gives his all, leaving no room for excuses, even during early morning training. His preparedness and motivation are undeniable.

Sports Radio host Kevin Gray Jr wrote on Twitter- “Cowboys Micah Parsons leveling up this offseason, coming for his 3rd consecutive 1st Team All-Pro, these o-linemen about to see these hands 👀…#DallasCowboys.” to which a person respond “You ready for Canelo my boy” referring to Micah.

Dedicated to training, Micah works with his trainer T-Mac at 6:00 a.m. They focus on improving his handwork and defensive skills, considering it crucial for an edge player like him. Parsons strives to develop muscle memory and reach his peak performance.

Cowboys linebacker is devoted to enhancing his hand skills during the off-season. This includes improving hand-eye coordination, quickness, athleticism, speed, and agility through boxing training. His dedication exemplifies his pursuit of excellence in football. The Miami Dolphins’ MVP also started training in Judo for injury prevention.


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Miami Dolphins’ MVP takes up Judo training

Interestingly, months ago, the Miami Dolphins‘ 2023 MVP quarterback started taking Judo class reportedly. Tua Tagovailoa had a breakout 2022 season but faced head injuries from helmet-ground impacts. The concussions sidelined him for four games and the playoffs. To prevent future harm, he’s training in Judo once a week to learn safe falling techniques and enhance self-awareness.

USA Today via Reuters

Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa said- “We’ve got a plan set up. I’ll be doing Judo on Fridays just so that I can kind of figure out under-standing my body and how to fall.” He added. “I’m not trying to be a dangerous person in that way, just trying to help myself.”


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