Soulja Boy Tries To Apologies To Fans, But Threatens To Shoot Up NJ –

Soulja Boy tried to apologize to his fans after his recent rant, but the moment quickly turned into him threatening to shoot up New Jersey after someone claimed he was banned from the state. On Thursday (March 30), the “Crunk That” artist and entrepreneur took to his Instagram Live to apologize to his east coast fans after angrily responding to a video of women choosing $250 in food stamps over dinner with the rapper.

“I’m going live right now to shout out to all my fans in New Jersey. I feel like yesterday I overreacted in the video,” Draco said. “I ain’t even watch the video. I just seen the caption that ni**as was putting and I went live and went off.”

However, amid his apology, a comment claimed he was barred from the Tri-State area, which set the southern entertainer off. Again.

“See, look, I’m trying to be nice… Aye, ni**a. F**k New Jersey. ni**a! We gonna come and blow that sh*t up, that’s what I’m saying, man,” Soulja asserted. “F**k New Jersey, ni**a. We’ll come blow that sh**t up. We’ll come shoot that sh*t up. Y’all ain’t got sh*t. Y’all ni**as broke. F**k y’all, ni**a. I’m done apologizing. F**k Jersey, I’m standing on it.”

Last week, N.J.-based media brand 856 Entertainment uploaded an Instagram video asking people what they would choose between food stamps and dinner with Soulja Boy.

Most of the women in the video opted for food stamps and called Soulja Boy “a nobody” and a “corny a** ni**a.” The artist, née Deandre Way, caught wind of the footage and hit IG to respond to the lady’s decisions.

“Y’all bi**hes could not be in the same room with me. Ya’ll bi**hes gon’ die in the hood. Y’all gon’ die broke. Y’all ain’t gon’ never touch a million dollars,” he said in an IG Story. “Y’all ain’t never gon’ touch 30 million. Y’all ain’t never gon’ touch 100K in a day. You gon’ die broke. You lived your whole life broke, bi**h. You ain’t gon’ never be sh*t.”

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