Viral Aaron Rodgers Graphic in New Team Jersey Gets Fans Craving for More

The fans of the New York Jets are having a field day with a viral of Aaron Rodgers in the team’s jersey. Reacting to the viral, the Jets’ fans are craving for more with a possible Aaron Rodgers signing on the cards. As the Jets are shaking up things in their team, the Packers QB definitely seems to be in the mix. The possible move has the Jets’ fans eyeing the next Super Bowl.

After a dismal season, the Jets are beginning to make some important changes to their coaching unit. The latest move by the Jets would bring Nathaniel Hackett as OC to their camp to replace Mike Lefleur. Getting Hackett, is a possible step forward in bringing Aaron Rodgers into the fold. With Rodgers and Hackett having a successful run together at the Packers, the Jets can benefit from their reunion.


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The Jets need to find the missing piece

The Jets are not in an unfamiliar position as far as buying a QB from Green Bay Packers is concerned. They brought Brett Favre from the Packers in a similar position fifteen years ago. The QB sustained an injury midseason and the Jets never recovered. Even though the previous situation turned unfavourable, the Jets will be eyeing a positive change this time around. Consequently, Aaron Rodgers might just provide the key shift the Jets are looking out for.


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It is predicted that the Jets would go hard at securing Aaron Rodgers. The trade would be valued at $59.5 million since Aaron Rodgers still has one year left in his contract with the Packers. To the advantage of the Jets, the cap hit for the new team would be an estimated $13.8 million. So, the Packers QB might after all end up with the Jets.

If and When Aaron Rodgers arrives

The Packers QB at 39, is looking for his next ticket in the NFL. Although A-Rod is still undecided about his future at the Packers, he could benefit from a change. If Rodgers were to play at the New York Jets, he would be walking into a familiar setting with Hackett in the coaching unit. The presence of Hackett could tilt the table in favour of the Jets obtaining the Packers QB. A player of the Rodgers capability can be the anchor to restructuring the team at the Jets.


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Fans will not be ruling out Aaron Rodgers just because he had a substandard year this season. The Packers QB was the MVP for two consequent years before his dip in form this season.

Rodgers has not made any definitive statement about his next move. But he has certainly made it clear in his previous interviews that he still has the capacity to play at his best. Insisting that he cannot be ruled out from winning an MVP again. Ideally, the Jets and their fans would be hoping to see Aaron Rodgers get back his form at their camp.

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