Bringing innovation and fun to physical education

Amber Rylak, Sarasota County School’s 2023 Innovation Teacher of the Year

In middle school, Amber Rylak’s physical education (PE) teacher, Karen Coveleski, inspired her. In fact, Rylak wanted to be like Coach Coveleski so much that she matched her sneakers and shoelaces to her PE outfits, just like Coach. 

Coveleski became Rylak’s soccer coach and, more importantly, a mentor who took Rylak under her wing and taught her about the importance of an active lifestyle. It is safe to say that Coach Coveleski altered the trajectory of her devoted student.

Rylak liked to run and ran track at the collegiate level at the College of New Jersey, where she majored in health and exercise science. After she graduated, she followed in her mentor’s steps and began teaching middle school PE in Princeton, New Jersey.

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